Thursday, December 10, 2009

DARPA Challenge

CAW continues to integrate technologies into a real-life T&E environment through our exercises. Aptima Inc. (via a DARPA program), in partnership with CAW, is researching first responder’s communication and rapid team building techniques. The program monitored e-mail, chat and telephone.
Controllers and designated responders were outfitted with sensor badges that monitored body movement, location, duration and style (tone of voice), not content. Surveys were completed by participants. CAW and Aptima will analyze the data from the table top and the full scale exercise and will identify organizational structure, map communication paths, observable collaboration and report any notable recommendations by early next year.
Similarly, DARPA recently hosted a $40,000 government proposed challenge to locate 10 weather balloons across secret locations in the U.S. It was won by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, one of Aptima’s university partners.
The purpose was to use the Internet and social networking sites to discover how the Internet could help with swift problem solving. MIT successfully completed the challenge of finding the balloons spread across nine states, within nine hours.

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