Thursday, December 17, 2009

CAW Net-in-a-Box

In designing Table Top Exercises (TTXs), a primary consideration is communication methods between agencies and the white cell. Since the goal of the exercise is to enhance agency preparedness, realism and authenticity are key requirements. Also, since many of the exercises are held in distant and remote locations, equipment mobility must be considered.

The Center of Asymmetric Warfare has developed a network-in-a-box solution, which consists of two communication technologies rolled into one. The first technology is a closed-circuit mobile wireless Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system, utilizing off-the-shelf equipment. The system is able to expand or contract to meet the required number of phones. The system is also able to be safely transported in a pelican case. The second technology is a virtual server that has all the functionality of a corporate network integrated into a single computer case. This system also uses off-the-shelf equipment and is easily transportable by pelican case.
By marrying both technologies, CAW has created a completely closed-circuit, mobile, wireless corporate network with voice phone capability. This tool has allowed CAW to deliver a more realistic experience for its clients, one that mimics real world corporate communications options.

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