Thursday, December 10, 2009

CAW Showcases Technology Used to Fight Crime in Salinas

At the recent Center for Asymmetric Warfare Annual Symposium on technology meeting, attendees showcased technology that is being used much closer to home than we would generally think.
The Field Information Support Tool (FIST), which was presented by Capt Carrick Longley, USMC and CW2 Chad Machiela, USA, is currently being used by Salinas officials to help fight gang violence.
According to an article on, there have been 24 gang-related homicides in Salinas, Calif. – this year alone. That statistic makes the city twice as deadly as Los Angeles.
Officials in Salinas have recently turned to the military to help with the problem. They have contacted the Naval Post Graduate School in Monterey, and are using techniques the military uses overseas to fight gang violence here in California.
The officials are currently using military software that was originally developed to track terrorists to map crimes and link suspects. The FIST provides a solution for collecting geospatial, temporal, and social network data. This information, combined with effective analysis, will provide the decision maker with the critical intelligence needed to combat criminal activities.
The Center for Asymmetric Warfare has a history of providing a test bed for technologies to be tested in exercises around the world. This year CAW sponsored a technology symposium that allowed 8 different technologies to be presented and some of them immediately integrated in order to support homeland security.
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