Thursday, April 8, 2010

Public Information Officers Meet to Train for Operation Golden Phoenix (OGP)

Local Public Information Officers (PIO) Design Training Team Members discussed the roles the PIOs will be playing in the upcoming Operation Golden Phoenix 2010 (OGP-10) exercises and events at their recent meeting on 6 April.

The meeting included representatives from the Center for Asymmetric Warfare (CAW) who is organizing OGP’s events and exercises and President Dave Lamensdorf of Safe Environment Engineering ICBRNE SME – Department of Homeland Security.

The overall goal of OGP, an Integrated Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear Explosive Detection System Project, is to strengthen emergency preparedness and response systems using an integrated emergency management approach based on all-hazards emergency management domain.

This program, which will use a weapons of mass destruction scenario as its baseline event, addresses the need to reduce communication gaps between local, state and federal systems. It is an annual large-scale training and demonstration exercise whose purpose is to provide first responders and emergency managers, federal, and military assets an opportunity to validate local, state and federal capabilities.

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