Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Jaeger to Represent CAW at Hawaii REMS Conference

In an effort to continue readiness and emergency management in America’s school system, Alan Jaeger will be representing CAW at the West Hawaii Readiness and Emergency Management for Schools Conference (REMS) on 17 November 2009. It is being hosted by the Hawaii State Department of Education, Safety and Security Services Section, and The West Hawaii Career and Technology Education Complex Team.
The conference, which will include a keynote speaker and panel discussion sessions, will be the first of two West Hawaii REMS conferences for the 2009-2010 school year. The outcomes for the event are to understand the importance of involving community partners in school emergency response and crisis management, and to improve the school emergency readiness for the West Hawaii Complex Area.
The Center for Asymmetric Warfare was asked to attend this event because of their expertise on emergency preparation for school emergencies.
In 2009, CAW and Infragard partnered on the School Terrorism and Response exercise (STAR 2009). In the exercise, participants increased their understanding of the potential vulnerabilities and consequences of a terrorist attack on American schools. The STAR exercise was based on a complex scenario involving the hostile takeover of a school including the taking of hostages. The exercise examined how law enforcement personnel, school staff, mental health professionals, emergency managers and other public and private entities can work together to mitigate the consequences of a possible terrorist attack directed at our children.
Visit our website to learn more about School Terrorism and Response Exercises at: http://www.cawnps.org/private_sector.htm

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